Supporting Interior Designers, Architects & Trade Showrooms

Alf has over 18 years of work experience with Impact Designer & Showroom project management, accounting and time billing software designed for professionals working in the design trade. He supports and trains many clients in the United States, the Caribbean, United Kingdom and abroad. He spends time on-site coaching new bookkeepers, office managers and business owners in order to help them make the most out of the software they use to manage their sales, order processing and accounting duties.

As an engineer, Alf brings a wealth of project management experience from his years of work in the Telecom sector and from having run his own commercial photography business in Canada during the 1980's and 90's. He is well versed in accounting practices for creative & artistic service based businesses.

Application Support & Training

Clients are welcome to click on the ScreenConnect remote access page from an iMac, MacBook, iPad, Android tablet or Windows PC to receive immediate support. This way Alf can quickly connect and troubleshoot issues with their hardware or software. Clients can also set themselves up with similar remote access software like LogMeIn or like GoToMyPC .

On-site training and support is encouraged. Alf is willing to travel to your place of business and train you and your staff to correctly use your software. He believes that on-site visits help establish trust and respect with clients who appreciate his honesty, dependability and dedication to resolve their issues. Travel arrangements made well in advance are recommended.

Remote telephone and internet support is billed per the service contract of choice. The minimum on-site day rate is for a half day. Different support plans are available for different needs. To see the different support options, please contact Alf by telephone or by email.

Clients are encouraged to try and book appointments ahead of time to reserve adequate time to address their concerns.


Alf Barkman provides in depth accounting support and technical training to his interior design, architectural and trade showroom clients.


Alf has an electrical engineering degree from Concordia University in Montreal and a fine arts degree from Dawson College.